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Our Model: DPC

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a model that removes the burden of insurance between the physician and the patient and takes medicine back to how it was in the old days. This enables us to provide better and more personalized care and that focuses on your needs and makes us more accessible.
DPC providers usually have a patient panel of just 400-600 patents instead of several thousands like traditional providers. This allows us to have longer visits with you, to schedule same or next day appointments, and more.
Our patients also have increased access to us via phone, text, and e-mail. (It is 2024, after all).
And we’re able to provide medications and labs at greatly reduced pricing because we believe profiting from medicine sales is in conflict with our mission to keep you healthy. We don’t want to benefit from your illness, and as a result, we’re often able to get and provide medication “at cost”.
We value price transparency and accessibility and all of this is made much easier when we do not have to deal with insurance.

Questions and Answers

We do NOT take insurance – and this sets us apart from most primary care clinics. This allows for us to give you, the patient, the time and care you need and not what insurance thinks you need (or qualify for). We spare you the hassles of insurance and deal DIRECTLY with you. This allows your primary care to be transparent in pricing, enables the healthcare provider to spend more time with you, decreasing your overall costs, and streamlining your healthcare experience. This means no co-pays, no deductibles, and no hidden fees.
Good question. Direct Primary Care is NOT insurance. Therefore, we encourage all of our members to maintain at least a catastrophic high-deductible insurance plan with a low monthly premium, a major medical plan, or a health-share plan. Members can often save money by switching from their high monthly premium plans to catastrophic insurance plans with low monthly premiums. Alternatively, some health-share or insurance plans may often reimburse a certain portion of your monthly DPC membership fee or offer discounts for being a DPC patient.
When you go to any other primary care office, you will either pay a co-pay or pay the full doctor’s visit each time until you meet your deductible. Just because you have insurance doesn’t mean you don’t pay twice as co-pays and office visits add up! If you have a high deductible plan, then you will pay everything out of pocket until the deductible is met. With each visit to your Healthcare Provider being (on average) at least $150 (not including lab fees), after 4 visits throughout the year – you will already have paid a year’s worth of membership fees! This is not to mention the ease of access to your Healthcare Provider and, when you come in to our office, you can have often 30-60 minute encounters (in contrast to the 7-10 minutes you would get elsewhere), labs done at 90% discounted price, and have access to wholesale medications that cost a fraction of the price you are used to paying. Being able to have access to your Healthcare Provider when you need him/her is priceless.
We provide wholesales discount prices on prescriptions and labs. You will be amazed at how much you will save just from this feature alone. We also dispense your medications to you in-house, allowing our clinic to be your one stop shop for medical care and medications. No more lines in the pharmacy. Most labs are drawn in the clinic and sent out daily to the lab. All lab costs are at face value and will be available to you up front to ensure price transparency. You will be informed of your results as soon as they are available.
We have contracted with select vendors to provide our members with greatly reduced self-pay rates, or you can choose to use your insurance. Examples of these rates include an X-ray for $__, CT for $___, MRI for $___ (all include the radiologist reading).
We believe that we can handle most of your needs within our full spectrum family medicine practice. However, when needed we will provide the coordination of care with specialists as part of your membership benefit. If you don’t have insurance, we can attempt to arrange affordable rates to be seen by a specialist.
We accept all major credit cards and direct bank transfers (ACH) for automatic payments, which are made up front monthly or every 3, 6, or 12 months. A one-time enrollment free is charged once per household on the day of enrollment.
Yes, you can use your HSA funds for membership. We believe that, in many cases, you should be able to pay for your membership fees through your HSA or FSA account as well because the services we offer are qualified services; however, different plans have different requirements. You should confirm with your plan administrator to be absolutely sure.
We do require a minimum of 3 months of membership upon enrolling. However, our goal is to become your primary care clinic for a long time and have that important physician-to-patient relationship that is often lost in healthcare nowadays. Therefore if you know up front for sure that you are joining us for only a few months, this may not be the best fit for both sides. (If that’s the case, please give us a call so we can discuss it further.)
Yes. The membership pays for the access to the physician and the other benefits listed on our website. This is just like a gym membership where you pay the same monthly membership fee whether you go in once or five times or don’t go in at all for the month.

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We offer primary care services from newborns to the elderly, for individual patients, families, and for small business owners.

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We’re local, available, and easy to access. Working with Valley DPC is a lot like having a healthcare provider in the family.

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