Primary Care Practice (PCP) serving the Greater Chattahoochee Valley Area

Direct Primary Care in the Valley

Imagine being treated by a medical professional that knows you, knows your family, cares about your situation. Imagine having enough time during an appointment to explain your symptoms completely, and imagine a clinician who has enough time to be thorough in listening and diagnosing.
Now imagine that we’re not daydreaming about Little House on the Prairie, but rather we’re seriously talking about a modern medical practice right here in the Valley, run by two Valley natives: Dr. Zachary Smith and NP Stephanie Chappell.
Their goal is to provide healthcare the way you — and they — have always imagined it should be: modern, available when you need it, affordable, local, and run by professionals that really care.

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a different type of healthcare that removes the middle man (insurance) and allows patients greater access to their healthcare provider (Doctor, Nurse Practitioner).

DPC allows the Doctor-Patient relationship to become what it was always meant to be.

Our Services

We offer primary care services from newborns to the elderly, for individual patients, families, and for small business owners.

Physical Exams


Yearly Labs

Health Promotions


Chronic Disease Mgmt

We’re local, available, and easy to access. Working with Valley DPC is a lot like having a healthcare provider in the family.